David A. Aguilar

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David A. Aguilar is a naturalist, astronomer, author and space artist. His expertise lies in presenting the fascinating connections between the universe and ourselves.

He is the award-winning author and illustrator of seven National Geographic books including "ALIEN WORLDS";  "13 PLANETS";  and "SPACE ENCYCLOPEDIA". His next book, "COSMIC CATASTROPHES" will be published by Random House in June 2016. 


 "COSMIC CATASTROPHES"  - Highly Recommended

  School Library Connection, November/December 2016 Issue

What could destroy our home planet? What dangers do we face from the depths of space? Readers who like their adventure and danger on a planetary scale will be captivated by this book. Astronomer, artist, and author of outstanding books on space for children, David Aguilar explains how and why a planet like Earth could be changed or destroyed by dangers in the cosmos. Seven scenarios from asteroids and comets to supernovas and alien invasion are realistically described with scientific accuracy. Several of these dangers have already occurred in the Earth’s past, such as the Chelyabinsk Oblast asteroid . Another huge asteroid impacting off the coast of Yucatan is believed to have ended the age of dinosaurs. Other cataclysmic causes, such as colliding galaxies and rogue planets, are much less likely. Lavish illustrations and diagrams fill most double-page spreads. A final section takes readers into the creative process Aguilar uses to create his images. An index makes locating specific information and illustrations easy for young researchers. A list of books, media, and web sites enable students to continue reading and research.


These award-winning books have been translated into Croatian, Greek, Japanese, Italian, South Korean and Slovenian!  LOOK for more new books launching 2016-18 from Smithsonian Books, ,including “7 Wonders of the Solar System”, and “7 Wonders of the Universe”, plus a fantastic new book on the Moon from National Geographic Books.


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for "COSMIC CATASTROPHES" : "Chilling, compelling, and clearly explained. A lively exploration of seven cosmic catastrophes that could hit Earth and any of the other 20 billion Earth-like planets in our galaxy." - Vancouver Public Library

for "ALIEN WORLDS": Alien Space Scouts Wanted!” are the opening words.  Aguilar lays out the mission – “Use your science-based imaginations to help investigate exoplanets.”  Well, who could possibly resist that?  First are some pages explaining what types of planets could support life, what those conditions might be and how we can find them.  Then eight exoworlds are introduced and Aguilar’s imagined life forms both explained and portrayed.  Each world is rendered in gorgeous paintings and the aliens are fabulous – and all solidly based on physical and biological science.

This book is SO much fun!  I loved reading about each and every world and I wasn’t alone.  The older members of the focus group were fascinated by this book and examined each page minutely and it has generated some wonderful discussions and drawings.  The backmatter is equally wonderful including 4 pages on How to Build Your Own Alien and I know that will soon happen at our house.  Aguilar also provides extensive resources, a glossary and an excellent index.   - Lynn Rutan, Booklist Online: ALA


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