David A. Aguilar

Author, Space Artist & Enrichment Speaker

David A. Aguilar is a naturalist, astronomer, author and space artist. His expertise lies in presenting the fascinating connections between the universe and ourselves.

He is the award-winning author and illustrator of seven National Geographic books including "ALIEN WORLDS";  "13 PLANETS";  and "SPACE ENCYCLOPEDIA". His next book, "COSMIC CATASTROPHES" will be published by Random House in June 2016. 


JULY 2018: Audience Choice Team Prize

Telluride Art + Architecture Weekend is the ultimate home tour, Telluride style. Ten creative teams collaborated to create ten very unique stops over this July weekend, and one team celebrated with the Audience Choice Prize for best overall team - CONGRATULATIONS TEAM ARIZONA!

Architect Luke Trujillo, Jewelry Artist Julie McAfee, Artist David A Aguilar, Chef Bud from The View Bar & Grill @ Mountain Lodge, Deutsch Family Wines and Justin Rounsefell + Travis Beery of Stratus Group


Local to Local Book Donation Program Authors Selected & New Non-Profit Announced

Denver, CO. March 16th, 2018 - BookBar announced the list of authors selected for the second annual Local to Local Program. This program kicked off in 2017 as a way for Denver’s school children to receive free books by local authors and illustrators before leaving for summer vacation. In partnership with Rocky Mountain Chapter - Society for Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators RMC-SCBWI), member authors of books for ages toddler to teen were selected. Nearly 3,000 books were then purchased from the authors’ publishing companies and distributed to schools, accompanied by the authors in many cases, to meet the kids and sign their books. David A. Aguilar, " 7 Wonders of the Solar System" Viking Books for Young Readers.




HISTORY CHANNEL "Alien Invasion" Episode. Season 1 Episode 9.

SCIENCE CHANNEL:  Onscreen Contributor, NASA's Unexplained Files (TV Series documentary) Season 5. 22. Episodes airing 2016-2017:

- Mars Deepest Secret(2016)

- Mystery of the Invisible Planet (2016)

- The Earth Next Door (2016)

- A President's Close Encounter (2016)

- Rise of the Planet Killer (2016)

- Pluto's Stranger Things (2016)

- Horror in the Cosmos (2016)

- The Moon That Disappeared (2016)

- Rise of the Ice Creatures (2016)

- Pluto Under Pressure (2016)


Mad Art Lab:  Art of the Gaps 2: Extraterrestrial Life?   David Aguilar is an astrophysicist/artist with a passion for public outreach. He’s funneled all of these skills into several National Geographic popular science books of a kind that are like crack for curious kids. His book, "ALIEN WORLDS: YOUR GUIDE TO EXTRATERRESTRIAL LIFE," required a huge amount of research and speculation about the types of life that might be living on a wide variety of alien worlds. The research led to 3-D mock ups of organisms and lavish renderings of life forms set within their distinct alien environments. A teacher could easily develop an exciting multidisciplinary lesson plan with project from this book and video. 


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