David A. Aguilar

Author, Artist & Enrichment Lecturer

David A. Aguilar is a naturalist, astronomer, author and space artist. His expertise lies in presenting the fascinating connections between the universe and ourselves.

He is the award-winning author and illustrator of seven National Geographic books including "ALIEN WORLDS";  "13 PLANETS";  and "SPACE ENCYCLOPEDIA". His next book, "COSMIC CATASTROPHES" will be published by Random House in June 2016. 

His passion and excitement for the subject was contagious… I don’t think I’ve ever met someone who has lived life so thoroughly
— Lynn T, Smithsonian Journeys
Wow, did I learn a lot reading 13 Planets! I taught the solar system to elementary students for 36 years and was amazed how things have changed. It’s a NEW UNIVERSE out there!
— FancyFootework, Amazon

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